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Baha Ba’r
Baha Ba’r (literally meaning “Flood Bar”) is nestled in the heart of Maite village, 1km south of San Juan town and 8km from Siquijor port. It is a restaurant / bar designed and built to reflect the traditional island wood designs with hints of the commonly seen Spanish influences and stone structures.

Baha Ba’r has a “loungey” informal laid-back atmosphere that welcomes overseas visitors and locals alike. It prides itself on having an extensive tapas style menu that permits you to experience the best flavours of the Philippines and a cocktail drinks menu unrivalled on Siquijor if not the Visayas.

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Baha Ba’r offers traditional cocktails inspired by local fruit and ingredients that you will definitely not find anywhere else

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The island was first visited by one of the co-owners in 2011 as part of geological excursion to follow up on some phosphate rock showings listed by the Geological Survey of US in the 1980’s…

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Siquijor Island


what to do

There are many activities that the island has to offer, from diving to mountain biking, there is something for every adventure level.   btn-yellow


what to see

Siquijor hides secret swimming spots like the turquoise waters of Kagusan and Salagdoong beaches, and the white sand-lined Tulapos Marine Sanctuary.   btn-yellow


the culture

The island remains veiled in mystique – famous for its traditions of folk healing, and whispered myths of sorcery and the supernatural.   btn-yellow


the people

Wherever you go, you’ll be warmly welcomed by the people. As Lonely Planet once stated, it’s worth a trip here just to see the famous Filipino smile.   btn-yellow

Getting to Siquijor is easy!

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