The People

The people of Siquijor are extremely welcoming and friendly. Our customers at the bar repeatedly and consistently tell us one of the most appealing aspects of Siquijor is the people. The crime rate is the lowest in the Philippines and there is a very noticeable general respect for each other and a strong sense of community. Antisocial behaviour is frowned upon and personal crime to foreigners is almost unheard of. Siquijor is safe for females.

Sikihodnons (as they like to known) speak their own dialect of Visaya which is quite different from Cebu and even Dumaguete which is only 22km away. Siquijor has developed very much as a proud and independent island and the people exhibit a very stoic and resourceful resiliance expected of people used to coping on their own.

All the staff at Baha Bar’r except the Chef and Manager were born and raised in Siquijor.