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Our Kitchen

Lotte (Head Chef)
Lotte graduated from the Dumaguete Academy for Culinary Arts and started as a sous chef in Baha Ba’r in 2014. Brought up in eastern Mindanao, the daughter of a fisherman and a mountain farmer mother, she has an in depth knowledge of all local dishes from both the hills and sea and uses her natural skills to bring out the best flavours of our surf and turf dishes. She prides herself on creating new recipes that you may not see in cookbooks and is for ever experimenting with local herbs and spices to enhance the local and familiar foreign dishes. She is also the ‘queen of desserts’.

Arman (Chef)
Arman is a native of Siquijor and started his career at Baha Ba’r. He subsequently worked in other restaurants on the island but we are delighted to have him back and helping Lotte to create the dishes that Baha Ba’r is becoming famous for. He is especially talented at creating innovative fish dishes and understands the need to use fresh ingredients in all of the menu items. He is the ‘wok king’ in the kitchen!

Please feel free to peek into the kitchen! It is a frenzy of activity on most nights but we pride ourselves on providing the freshest local ingredients and we cook from fresh and therefore we apologise if it takes a while to reach your table. It will be worth the wait!

Kitchen Menu

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