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Siquijor Island

Siquijor Island is located in the Visayas region of the Southern Philippines, 660km south of Manila and 130km south-west of Cebu. There is no commercial airport on the island and is accessed by ferry from Dumaguete city 30 km to the north of the island (approximately 4 trips a day, ~1 hour duration). Dumaguete is a 1hr 15 minute flight from Manila (25 mins from Cebu).

The size of the island is 343 Km2 (about the size of Malta, Barbados, Lanai Island in the Hawaiian chain or half the size of Singapore) with a population of only about 90,000 residents.

Siquijor is a safe, clean and unspoilt island that is just now being recognized as a worthwhile destination by the travel guides. There is very much a local feel to Siquijor, an island devoid of fast food and not teeming with tourists or local kids trying to sell you trinkets on the beach. It doesn’t have much of a nightlife and is laid back offering great sea and cycle sports opportunities in a backdrop of rolling hills and semi-jungle criss-crossed by many roads. The 72km perimeter road is as good as any north American or European road and is a great for road biking.

The Lonely Planet has a good description of Siquijor: “For most Filipinos, Siquijor is a mysterious other-world of witchcraft and the unknown. True, this tiny island province is famous for its mountain-dwelling mangkukulam (healers) who brew traditional ointments for modern ailments, but these days Siquijor’s most popular healing practice involves a cocktail and a deckchair at any number of its laid-back beach resorts. A sealed 72km coastal road circumnavigates the island, affording unobstructed ocean vistas and an opportunity to take in truly low-key village life”.

The island is 100% Christian and boasts the lowest crime rate in the Philippines. Thefts and crimes to persons are extremely rare and it is safe to walk the streets at night (take a flashlight as street lights are not always working). There are some rare reported cases of dengue on the island during rainy season but no malaria. The closest hospital of merit is the private teaching hospital at Silliman University in Dumagute city.



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